With the release of his 'Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1' mixtape just hours away, Cam'Ron decided to give fans a preview of what the project has to offer by dropping his 'Come and Talk to Me Remix.'

A clear sample of Jodeci's 1991 hit, 'Come & Talk to Me,' Cam'ron responds to Jay-Z's 'Pound Cake' verse while rapping to a chick about getting on his team.

"I had a mill before I met him baby, that ain't no lie/He named some Harlem cats and the homie from the Chi/But my thing: he ain't name nobody from the Stuy/And I do it like Bed Stuy, do or die/But let's talk about somethin' else, you and I."

As Killa Cam's first verse wraps, the '90s R&B group comes on in the hook singing, "come and talk to me, I really wanna meet you..." Lyrically witty, the Dipset MC delivers a dope flow while taking shots at the heavy weights on top.