Days after Cam’ron addressed Jim Jones’ emotional Hot 97 interview with his own Instagram live video, Joe Budden talked about their feud on his popular podcast, I’ll Name This Podcast Later.

Apparently, Budden took issue with Cam copyrighting the ByrdGang name from Jim Jones. In his live video Killa Cam explained how he owned the right to ByrdGang.

"He said he ‘nah’ we Dipset, ByrdGang, that’s just our nickname. So what I did was," Cam explained. "I’m just being totally honest, I copywrote the name ByrdGang. Because I’m like if you not trying to do nothing shiesty or try to separate yourself, it shouldn’t matter if I got it...if you want to branch off and do your own thing, that’s not a problem, but you told me you wasn’t. So I was like ‘I’ll put it to the side.'"

On his podcast, Budden objected to Cam's explanation and stated, "When he said, 'You told me you wasn't doin' nothing with ByrdGang, so I copyrighted it,' I would've f---ed him up, immediately!"

Cam'ron caught wind of his Budden's comments and addressed him on his Instagram page with a post that has since been deleted. "Somebody wake Joey up.. Cause he ain't gonna open my Dm.. Despite what people think.. I got genuine love for capo," he wrote. "We know each other's families.. It would never go there. (Not on my end) but u.. U can't afford these problems.. U think ransom was at ya door.."

Cam has since posted a video of Budden's girlfriend Cyn Santana rapping to "Suck It or Not" with an apology to Budden for "jumping the gun."

So far, Joe Budden has not comment on the matter. You can listen to his podcast below.

Listen to Joe Budden's I'll Name This Podcast Later Episode 100

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