As promised, Cam’ron responded to Jim Jones’ emotional Hot 97 interview with his own candid video explaining why he and Jones are no longer friends. On Saturday night (Feb. 11), Cam went on Instagram Live and spoke for nearly three hours and brought on a special guest live from federal prison.

While Cam congratulated Jones on his recent signing with Roc Nation, the rap veteran wanted to give the official story of how Dipset was created and why the crew disbanded.

According to Real Talk, Cam’ron denied Jones’ claim that he was a manager and enforcer for the Dipset crew. "He was not my muscle. He was my man...He was my hypeman," he said.

Killa Cam said that his relationship with Jim Jones went downhill after he started dating Chrissy Lampkin. Cam kept teasing Jones for showering Chrissy with expensive gifts just two weeks into dating her. He then created T-shirts poking fun at Jones' alleged tricking.

“Jim just met Chrissy and he’s buying her bags and shoes the first two or three weeks he met her. So I’m like, ‘Yo you trickin, man? What is you doing? You buggin.’”

“I made these T-shirts and it said, ‘Tricky Ricky aka Jim Jones Is A Trick,'” he continued. “At the time we had mad n----s in jail and I was sending them money and [Jim Jones] was not looking out for none of our n----s in jail. Back of the shirt had all our n----s in jail and I had called [Jim Jones] a trick."

"I wasn’t looking at it like that," he added. "I’m looking at it like that’s how we play. I wasn’t trying to disrespect him because I didn’t know their relationship was going to grow to be what it was.”

Cam also had friend Mendeecees Harris called in from prison and confirmed Cam’s story, as well.

Cam also denied Jones' claims that he robbed him because no contracts were ever signed. “Jim never had no paperwork with Cam so how I rob him?” he asked.

The Dispet leader dropped a big bombshell by suggesting that he may have sabotaged the careers of Max B and Stack Bundles, two artists that was signed to him. “Them two alone, he could’ve ate," said Cam. But Jim kept using them for his album instead of putting them out. Jim has never put an artist out. Max B may not be in jail if he put an album out. Stacks may have got out of Far Rockaway if he had an album out.”

In the end, Cam said that he doesn't have any issues with Jones. "I want him to win," he said. "I don't got no beef with you... I really love you. If it really really came down to it... It gotta be an emergency, hit me."

Cam'ron's three-hour long interview can be viewed on YouTube, we posted a few videos for your perusal above and below.

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