Feeling down about the soon-coming conclusion of one of your favorite shows like, oh, 'Breaking Bad?' Well, Cam'ron is here to cheer you up with the trailer for his own TV series, '1st of the Month.'

Are you looking for over-the-top violence? Drug-dealer narratives? Gratuitous sex scenes? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you're bound to enjoy at least a portion of this absolutely absurd video. If not, maybe you should check out Killa Cam's new single instead.

As for everyone else, enjoy watching Cam, who is in full Ronald McDonald make-up by the way, gun down his enemies. He takes out abusive boyfriends and fathers along with guys on the streets who are probably trying to rival his drug trade. It's outrageous and entertaining all at once, and the series kicks off Oct. 1. He also has a new mixtape, 'Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1,' that's due out sometime soon.

You can watch the trailer above.