The grieving members of Cali Swag District addressed the murder of their 22-year-old group mate Monte "M-Bone" Talbert" in a live stream on TMZ yesterday (May 17), taking pains to dispel the rumors that the 'Dougie' dance originator's shooting was gang-related.

"I wanna clear up: It had nothing to do with gang violence, it wasn't nothing like that. It was just a 'wrong place at the wrong time' situation. We just gotta stay strong for the homey," explained Cali Swag rapper C-Smoove. "We don't know who's responsible for it or what the case may be. It's just bad, man. We're just gonna leave it up to the law right now because there's really nothing we can do."

While M-Bone's girlfriend has claimed that the drive-by shooting was the result of a Twitter war with a jealous neighbor, C-Smoove stressed that M-Bone's death was not related to any kind of gang activity.

"He went to the store to get something to drink and, randomly, somebody pulls up, don't say no words, don't shoot a lot of shots, just did what they had to do and got on," C-Smoove said. "It had to be something, but we really can't tell exactly what it was."

In the heart-wrenching interview, M-Bone's group mates continued to express their sadness over the death of their fallen family member.

"We was the closest thing Mante had [to family]. He was always on his own and when we started Cali Swag, we tried to do a family," JayAre lamented. "He was a brother to me. He meant a lot. I don't even feel the same without him."

While M-Bone's murder is still being investigated, Cali Swag District's 2010 hit 'Teach Me How to Dougie, was nominated for a BET Award yesterday (May 17).

Watch Cali Swag District's 'Teach Me How to Dougie'
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