'This Place' is the latest we're hearing from New York rapper Cage, who has plans to release his first full-length album in four years in October.

The album, 'Kill The Architect,' is scheduled to drop Oct. 22 and it finds Cage reuniting with DJ Mighty Mi of the High & Mighty. The two had some issues in the past, though they obviously put everything behind them to get back to what really matters: the music.

Speaking of the music, 'This Place' is a more laid-back affair, both vocally and musically, from Cage. The instrumental, which is co-produced by Mighty Mi and Slugworth, is a creeping, strings-laden burner, and it helps set the tone for heart-on-your-sleeve verses.

While Cage's intensity might not be there, his words still hit hard when he spits lines like "Home alone doin' heroin like Macaulay" and "Back when I thought cold turkey was a f--kin' sandwich." It's one thing to be burnt out and it's another to feel so far removed from your past that you can only address it through an ennui-esque delivery.

You can stream 'This Place' and previous single 'The Hunt' below.

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