A C-Bo video shoot this weekend in South Sacramento, California took a violent turn. One person is dead and four people were injured following the daytime shooting, which took place at Meadowview Park during a video shoot for the Sactown rapper this past  Sunday (August 27).

According to FOX40, the person killed has been identified as 49-year-old Ernie Cadena.

Details of the shooting, including a motive and possible suspects, remain scarce. Sacramento Police are currently asking anyone with information on the shooting to come forward.

Earlier in the weekend, C-Bo encouraged fans to come out to the video shoot at the park.

“Video shoot tomorrow 12 noon let’s go sactown OGs will be out side,” C-Bo wrote in the caption. “Basket ball dunking contest come correct 2 pair clothing this will be a 2 videos in one day shoot. Lets have fun bring ya picnic blankets we eating and drinking.”

C-Bo has yet to address the shooting on social media, but fellow Sacramento rapper Lavish D posted an Instagram video blasting the rumors running wild online that D had something to do with what happened.

"Y'all with this social media shit, got my name in this ol' bullshit," D begins. "Whatever happened happened, you feel what I'm sayin'? I ain't have nothing to do with nothing. I didn't do nothing. All I did was showed up to a video shoot tryna support my rappin' partner on some unity shit. Wasn't no diss record being recorded. None of that shit."

Lavish D was sentenced to six years in prison after a judge used videos like “King of the City” and “My Niggas Do" as evidence that D was a leader of the Starz street gang. He was sentenced to six years but released this summer after serving two.

"But y'all up on the internet, got my name all in this shit, talking 'bout y'all seen me shooting and all this old fakeass shit. I came by myself, first of all, I didn't come with a hundred niggas. I came by myself and I left by myself. So all the extra ass shit, keep my name out that shit, bruh. That shit ain't got nothing to do with me."

"So all y'all internet niggas, y'all ain't see me doing shit," he continues. "So stop lying. Y'all trying to send me to jail or something?"

C-Bo released the “Body 4 Body” last week, a diss track directed at Mozzy, who previously dissed C-Bo and Brotha Lynch Hung with “New Era New King.”

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