Rapper Busta Rhymes recently weighed in on the forthcoming A Tribe Called Quest documentary 'Beats, Rhymes and Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest,' praising filmmaker Michael Rapaport and the executives involved.

"The fact that a movie house and Michael Rapaport and just all the people involved, from a creative, production and executive standpoint [green-lit it], I commend them all," Busta said.

Though Busta conceded that he has not yet seen the film, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, he said that he hopes the doc paints Tribe in the right light, calling the group's music "timeless." With roots in the same NYC-based hip-hop circle, Busta and his own group, Leaders of the New School, performed with Tribe throughout the early '90s and even appeared on Tribe's hit track 'Scenario.'

"I hope they represented my people right. Tribe are my brothers, they're a milestone in hip-hop [from] when they first came out and they're a milestone still and they will forever be a milestone," Busta continued. "A lot of times when people get the opportunity to dig deep in the good and bad, for the excitement and novelty, they like to capitalize on [buzz] created as a result of highlighting the negative over the positive ... I hope that's something that's not a reality in this situation."

Busta's concerns likely stem from the controversy surrounding the film, which ATCQ rapper Q-Tip originally denounced, claiming the producers had shut them out. Despite their dispute, Tip later praised Rapaport for doing an "amazing job."

"I encourage everybody still to see this film," Tip said earlier this month. "Not only because it's about us, but it's really about the hip-hop movement, man. It really, really is, that's on everything. It's a celebration not only of Tribe, but of the culture. Of what goes into making records: the ups, the downs, the switching of the times. It's a beautiful story about hip-hop."

'Beats, Rhymes and Life' will be released by Sony Pictures later this year.

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