Bun B is no friend to bootleggers. Yesterday, Bun threatened legal action in response to a tweet by Complex writer Joe La Puma, linking Bun to a bootleg t-shirt bearing his likeness on hip-hop webstore MixUnit.com.

"Unless there's a contract with me/estate, you're looking at a lawsuit," Bun tweeted, upon viewing the link. The t-shirt in question depicts Bun and deceased UGK partner Pimp C, and is emblazoned with the words "Trillionaire Boys Club," a play on Bun's favorite word of choice and Billionaire Boys Club, the Pharrell-owned company whose clothing he endorses. Though Bun did not apparently have any knowledge of the shirt, MixUnit describes it as "official TBC gear" and is still currently selling the unlicensed knockoff.

Bun B currently serves a guest lecturer at Houston's Rice University, teaching a course on spirituality and hip-hop in the University's Religion department. He also recently showed up with a guest feature on basket ball player Ron Artest's new mixtape and foray into hip-hop, 'Ball'n.'

Watch Bun B's 'Trillionaire'
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