Bun BStill known as the "trillest" emcee to step out of Port Author, Texas, Bun B recently paid a visit to the Big Apple to shoot a music video with newcomer French Montana for their record 'Bad Habits.' While in town, TheBoomBox got to speak with Bun B on his long awaited third solo album, 'Trill OG,' which has been hit with multiple setbacks. However, the godfather of Texas rap maintains that the hold-ups are due to artists and producers reaching out to contribute to the album.

"The reason I can't put out 'Trill OG' yet is because every time I think I'm done someone calls me like, 'I need to get on there!' Bun B explains from the Trump Hotel overlooking NYC's Central Park. "All of sudden here comes Premier, here comes Pharrell talking about 'I need to get on that Bun!"

'Trill OG' has been an album in the works for almost two years now with Bun also searching for a new recording home in the process. His previous two solo albums 'Trill' and 'II Trill' were released through Warner Bros/Asylumn, but Bun believes it's time to move on and is currently in talks with Universal to release the new album. Still Bun has kept the streets fed by appearing on more remixes and mixtapes then one can count, "I got a quick turnaround, so people will block out eight hours to do a song and I'm done in an hour and a half, we ain't got nothing else to do but more music," Bun B tells TheBoomBox.

Bun is still finalizing 'Trill OG''s final features and aims for a late summer release. With two records already completed with rap's current Rookie of the Year, Drizzy Drake, Bun B is looking reign over the competition once again.

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