Chicago rapper Bump J has admitted his involvement in a 2007 robbery of a local bank, making a plea deal for a much lighter sentence. Bump, born Terrance Boykin, was pulled over during a "routine" traffic stop in Carbondale, Ill., and identified as one of two gunmen suspected of robbing a Chicago bank of $100,000 in 2007. The robbery was caught by surveillance cameras at the scene, and the FBI was called in to organize an unpublicized manhunt.

If found guilty of the robbery, the Chi-town MC would have received a 3-4 year sentence. For threatening the bank employees with a loaded weapon, he faced life. According to the terms of Boykin's guilty plea, he now faces a mandatory-minimum seven years for brandishing a firearm while committing a violent crime.

Bump J was an up-and-comer in the Chicago scene, best known for his 'Chicagorilla' mixtape with DJ Drama and upcoming collaborations with legendary Chi producer No I.D.. He was signed to Atlantic Records, but his debut has yet to see a release date.

He also ran his own blog, which you can check out here. His last entry was a video celebrating Obama's victory on Election Day. He was arrested the next week.

The date for his sentencing is Sept. 1. He has declined to comment on his plea or the upcoming ruling.