Singer and radio personality Brian McKnight can rest easier knowing the law is on his side. A DNA test has proven the 41-year-old New York native did not father the son of a Florida woman with whom he had a fling.

Last year, Miriam Lee filed a paternity suit against McKnight in Florida's Orange County, alleging that the singer was the father of her 14-year-old son. Lee hired Mark Vincent Kaplan, the same lawyer who represented Kevin Federline during his divorce proceedings from Britney Spears.

McKnight failed to address the lawsuit and a judge issued a default judgment against him. Included in the decision was a requirement that McKnight, who released his ninth album, 'Evolution of a Man,' last year, pay 14 years worth of back child support. The total amassed to $341,640. According to, his monthly payments equaled $11,388.

Recently, Brian McKnight established paternity by taking a DNA test; the findings proved he was not the father of Lee's son. As a result, the judge dismissed the paternity and child support case against him.