Brian McKnight is in tax trouble and he's blaming his accountant. The R&B crooner filed a lawsuit against an accounting firm for allowing him to be in debt with the Internal Revenue Service.

According to TMZ, McKnight is suing Vernon Brown and his firm for allegedly ruining his life by failing to pay the IRS any taxes on his behalf for almost a decade. McKnight claims that he now owes Uncle Sam $1.5 million in back taxes including penalties and interest.

The lawsuit also states that McKnight knew he was in tax trouble so he reached out to Congressman Henry Waxman in private to help him out. Waxman contacted the IRS and was able to get McKnight back on an installment plan.

But the 44-year-old singer alleges that Vernon Brown was so incompetent that he screwed up the installment plan and the debt was never paid.

McKnight says his credit is ruined, his house has a lien and his music royalties have been frozen. He also claims that his driver’s license is suspended and because his son shares his name, his license was suspended as well.

No information was provided on what type of punitive damages McKnight is seeking in this case.

McKnight joins a list of celebrities who have fallen into tax debt, including Fat Joe, Lauryn Hill and Faith Evans, among others.

Brian McKnight’s tax woes make us want to have one last cry.