Brian McKnight has an idea: to do an adult mixtape. "If You're Ready to Learn," an R&B ode dedicated to teaching a woman how to use her nether regions properly, is the first track the crooner previewed for fans Monday night (April 23).

"Most people only wanna hear me do one kind of song," McKnight says in a video clip. "There's been lots of conversations I've had with men, lots of conversations that I've had with women just about other sexual-type things I'd like to tackle... The name of the song is 'I'm Ready to Learn.'"

The 42-year-old New York native showcases some of the chorus, which is a graphic description of what he'd do with his lady. "Let me show you how your p---- works/ Since you didn't bring it to me first/ I have lots of things to show you if you're ready to learn/ Let me show you how your p---- works/ Bet you didn't know it could squirt," he croons.

Though the "Back at One" singer put out the video, he quickly took to his Twitter timeline to say he was taking the song down. However, the Internet doesn't forget so easily and the video where he's performing the track is still available.

Read some of his Twitter excerpts about finally being acknowledged and listen to the song below.

Watch Brian McKnight Perform 'If You're Ready to Learn"

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