Bow Wow has much respect for former record executive Jermaine Dupri, but their relationship hasn't been without turbulence. The musician, whose real name is Shad Gregory Moss, pays tribute to that friendship in the title of his new album, 'New Jack City, Pt. II.'

"I'm comparing our relationship to the actual friendship that you guys saw in the movie, 'New Jack City,' starring Wesley Snipes," Bow Wow said during an interview with The BoomBox. "In the movie, they let the business ruin them, causing Wesley Snipes to kill Allen Payne.

"If you look at me and Jermaine's relationship, the business caused us to go separate ways from each other. It kind of turned me against him and us against one another, which is something we never ever thought would happen. That's something that Wesley Snipes and Allen Payne thought would never happen."

Bow Wow dubbed the album 'New Jack City Pt. II' because if the business didn't break up Dupri and Bow Wow's relationship, the record label So So Def would have continued.

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"So So Def is how 'The Carter' is in the movie," Bow Wow said. "That was their administration. That's how they made money. So So Def is our administration. That's how we made money. Me and Jermaine are the best of friends, son, big brother, pops, whatever you want to call it. That's what we like and that's why we called it 'New Jack City Pt. II."

Bow Wow explained Dupri brings out the best in him, so pairing up for 'New Jack City Pt. II' was ideal. Not only did Dupri produce the record, but the deposed Island Records Urban Music executive appears on the song 'Roc the Mic.'

"He's the only producer that actually knows me and the only producer that is always around me," Bow Wow said. "It just makes it easier for us to work in the studio with one another and come up with different things. It's not just me; it's every artist that Jermaine works with. I think that's reason why he has a hit every time. It doesn't take a rocket scientist from Jermaine's perspective to give us the kind of records that our fan base recognizes us for."

The album, due to hit stores March 31, also features guest appearances by Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, Yung Joc, Nelly, Trey Songz and T-Pain.

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