Pain and struggle is no stranger to Boosie Badazz or Lyfe Jennngs, as both have a lengthy history with the law. With that in mind, it was quite appropriate that Boosie teams up with Lyfe for a new song called "Cold Hearted."

Lyfe instantly sets the tone for the track, crooning "Brothers shoot they brothers in the back now / Sisters f--- they sister's old man now / Momma selling Similac for crack now," before surmising that these signs of betrayal are akin to the cutthroat biblical rivalry between Caine and Abel.

Boosie follows with an introspective verse rapping, "Dangerous, armed and dangerous / When we was kids they never explained this pain to us / We thought n----- we shot marbles wit', snuck and drunk 40s with will never switch / Now them same n----- is all killers" and lamenting the lack of loyalty that is infecting the urban community today.

On the second verse, the Louisiana rhymer takes devious men and women alike to task for their transgressions. "Who can you trust, that's the question that I'm hitting ya wit' / Can't even trust a n---- you used to sleep in a bean bag wit' / Hoes be sleazy, straight freaky, can be a bad b---- / But when you f--- ya' sister's old man, you a sad b----," he raps.

Boosie Badazz and Lyfe Jennings hold no punches on "Cold Hearted" and cook up a heavy-handed song that is equal parts style and substance.

In other news, Boosie has apparently decided to expand his portfolio and make a foray into the world of film. The rapper took to his Instagram page to let fans in on his plans to release a biopic simply titled Boosie. Boosie joined alliances with Jamal Woolard (aka Gravy), who portrayed the Notorious B.I.G. in the 2009 biopic, Notorious. Check out Boosie's IG post below.

Listen to Boosie Badazz's Song "Cold Hearted" Feat. Lye Jennings

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