BJ the Chicago Kid is relying on his faith for his new track "Church" featuring Chance the Rapper and soulful singer Buddy.

The Chicago native, who was born to two church choir directors, attempts to fight the guile of a woman who wants to "drink, do drugs and have sex." BJ can't participate in these activities because he has a pretty importance place to go in the morning: church.

"It's hard to say no when it's looking so good in my face / Girl, all them curves got me on a swerve when I'm tryna drive straight," the Pineapple Now-Laters creator delivers.

Buddy comes in with strong vocals as he declares, "Hopefully we can go to heaven, I pray," on the hook.

"She always getting her own way / When I try, she always say / 'Hey I don't wanna get saved, don't wanna be saved' / Pray that one of these days she'll wanna behave," spits Chance over snares and the plucking of a guitar.

This song, which serves as a the follow-up to BJ's "Nothin' But Love" featuring Joey Bada$$ and comedian Hannibal Burress, will appear on his forthcoming album, In My Mind. Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock and OG Maco are just some of the featured collaborators on the project.

 Listen to BJ the Chicago Kid's "Church" Feat. Chance the Rapper & Buddy

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