Big Gipp has never forgotten about his street beginnings. The rapper may experiment with his music and creative expression these days -- inspired in part by his long-time friend and fellow Goodie Mob member Cee Lo -- but he's giving the people what they want on his new project. "So many people that've been fans of Gipp for so long, understand the transition in my music and where I am as an artist," he tells The Boombox. "But this is the part they don't understand. They're like 'Gipp, you never gave us the street record that we always wanted from you.'"

With the exclusion of tracks like the 1998 classic, 'Black Ice,' Gipp says that his supporters have been harping on the fact that he never released a full-length project for the hood.

Today, Gipp's newest single, 'Boxed Up Shawty,' is not only an ode to satisfy those fans but part of a bigger package, as he prepares to drop his 15-track 'Mr. Get Down' mixtape on Thanksgiving evening (Nov. 27). "This is really a gift for the fans that have been down with me and Dungeon Family for over 20 years. I've never given away free music before so if anytime is a good time, it's now. The new song is just a small part of a project that he says "you can just pull out your weed and smoke to.'"


The synth-driven track pays homage to a pretty eventful night in Atlanta -- from references to high-end clubs like Privé, Reign and Compound to suggestive lyrics on what to do with a pretty girl who's willing to prolong the fun. Gipp moves into party mode here. "I send the card to the bar / Got them bottles coming back," he raps. He's right, it's been quite some time since we've heard Gipp talk like this over trap-inspired backing.

Having recently released the single and video for 'Shine Like Gold' off his upcoming LP, 'Zagga,' Gipp has been busy. He's tight-lipped on the logistics of the mixtape and album as far as producers and the like, but he does share that there will be a couple of notables appearing as featured guests including Kurupt. "I'm trying to show people that this is an art form. There's a way to [create music] whether it's for a mixtape or an album."

Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid has given Gipp free reign over the album and he's gotten the chance to bring up-and-coming rappers into the fold even while working on his own project. "Man, [rapper] Scotty ATL let me hear four, five songs [while I was working on 'Zagga']," he says, incredulous. "And I was like, 'S---, I want to get on one of those.' I feel like if Atlanta helps Atlanta, ain't no way we can lose."

B.o.B. --  a vet in his own circle of young Atlanta rappers -- has also been tapped to work with Gipp. "Before B.o.B. really blew, Goodie Mob took him on his first 30-city tour. We knew he was next. For me as an artist, I just know he's one of the dopest descendants of what we did for Atlanta," Gipp reveals.

Still, for the 'Boxed Up Shawty' creator, it's important to go beyond Goodie Mob classics. Gipp is ready to create new ones -- whether they're flashy and bold or gritty enough for the traps all over the A. "This mixtape is gonna be bigger than most of these guys' albums," he says, chuckling. "It's funny but it's just the truth."

Experience the Atlanta rhymer's new song below.

Listen to Big Gipp's 'Boxed Up Shawty'

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