You ask a young rapper these days for his or her all-time favorite MC and you're likely to get a Jay-Z or an Eminem. Yet if you ask those rappers who their favorite is, the name Big Daddy Kane will often pop-up. A true legend of lyricism, style and performance, Kane recently revealed to GoWhereHipHop that he is working on a live album entitled 'The Last Supper' with a full band in tow.

"I got a live album I'm doing with my whole band featuring my man Showtime who sings with Pharoahe Monch," explained Kane. "It's a hip-hop soul album really paying homage to '60s and '70s soul and '80s hip-hop."

Kane, ever the hip-hop elder, was also asked about how he feels watching the contemporary version of a genre that he helped expand over two decades ago. He said that hip-hop is certainly not dead and that he appreciates the respect that he still receives by those in the game.

"When you see kids doing that 20 years later, it makes me feel old as hell," Kane joked. "Other than that, it's a beautiful thing. You appreciate any sort of adoration on any level. It's beautiful to still be able to do what I do."

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