Big Boi has finally set a release date for his long delayed solo debut 'Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty.' The project which has been pushed back several times, will drop this March. Big Boi announced the news via his Twitter page. "I just got the release date last week, 'Sir Lucious Left Foot' will be dropping on March 23 2010. Fa sho fa sho !!" He tweeted. "It will b well worth the wait."

The album's delay was originally said to be caused by issues with his label Jive Records, but Big Boi explained the climate of the music industry has changed drastically, leaving the record hanging in the balance. The extra time has allowed him to perfect the album's sound. "I slow-cooked this album and, man, I'm just so happy it's about to come out," he said in an interview. "I cannot wait to give it to the fans. There's been a lot of stops and starts with this project. I've just been trying to make sure we've got the right avenues and the right brains and mindsets together to get the marketing and promoting behind it."

"When you work on something for two years and 11 months, it's like your baby. You want to make sure that everybody has taken the project the way they're supposed to be taking it and the setup is right."

Aside from his solo work, Big Boi is said to be re-teaming with partner Andre 3000 on another Outkast album. No word yet on when that project will be released.