Liquor companies got the memo that a rapper with clout can endorse any cocktail they can chug. Crown Royal signed on Big Boi to be the spokesman for its premium liquor Crown Royal Black.

Yesterday (Jan. 19), the Atlanta rapper and one-half of the multi-platinum rap outfit OutKast celebrated "The Crown Life" at private event at Anchor Bar in New York City. "I chose it for the simple fact [that] my grandfather used to drink it," said Big Boi when asked why he aligned with Crown Royal. "One of my earliest memories of Crown Royal is the purple bag with the gold writing on it. My granddaddy used to have about $100 worth of change in and my brothers and my cousins used to go and get the change and take it to the candy lady. Once I got a little older and got the history of the drink and that it was tailor made to royalty, that was right up my alley. It's a cool playa type drink. I like to endorse products that I actually use."

At the event, which included producer Just Blaze on the wheels of steel, Big Boi also revealed limited edition pieces of apparel inspired by Crown Royal Black that he also had input in designing. Streetwear brands Undrcrwn and Rocksmith created a varsity jacket and sunglasses, respectively. "My favorite is the crocodile duffel overnight bag, for players only," said the ATL rapper. "You never know where you gonna go after you leave the club. This can also be a goodie bag, you never know man."

Big Boi confirmed that the "goodie bag" he and Goodie Mob have previously referred to in song was the iconic purple bag that bottles of Crown Royal arrive in when purchased. The Atlanta rapper was able to design his own Crown Royal Black bag emblazoned with the Sir Lucious Leftfoot crest and his signature. Said Big Boi, "My grandfather had that one and now I get a chance to design my own bag."

With the critical success of last year's 'Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty' album, Big Boi revealed that he is already at work on its follow up, 'Daddy Fat Sax: Soul Funk Crusader.' "It's a funk crusade man," said Big Boi excitedly of his next project. "The whole thing is really about just putting out good music. Being that a lot of music don't get the exposure it's supposed to get, you gotta stay online, stay on the conveyor belt and it's quality over quantity. The next album is coming, I'm five, six songs into it."

Despite being a veteran and legend in the hip-hop game, Big Boi still tackles the promotion of his projects as if he were a rookie. "I approach it like we never put a record out," says Big Boi. "There's no record that came before this one. I'm looking at this 'Daddy Fat Sax' album like there's no 'Speakerboxx/Love Below,' no 'Sir Lucious Leftfoot.' That's how you gotta approach it, like you a new artist every time. If you do that, and still have the passion about the music, it's going to stick."

Big Boi also added that his OutKast co-conspirator Andre 3000 would be dropping his album before 'Daddy Fat Sax.' As for the inevitable question of when fans can expect another OutKast album, Big Boi was cryptically optimistic. "Just like Area 51, everybody want to know," he said. "It's top secret. We made a pact, we can't even say nothing until it's about that time. Just know that 3000 coming next, and you just gotta stay tuned."

Okay, what about a working title?

Said Big Boi, "Not yet, he told me mum is the word. Mum is the word!"

Watch Big Boi's 'Shutterbug'

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