Big Boi commented on George W. Bush's recent claim that Kanye West's criticism was the low point of his presidential career. "Man, everybody knows that's bulls--t," Big Boi said. "There were so many other things going on besides him going and taking out the whole Saddam Hussein family, not catching the Taliban, to the gas prices going up to the economy going into the to say that Kanye West's comment was his low point, everybody knows that's some bulls--t...[Would I apologize if I were Kanye?] F--k no. I wouldn't apologize for nothing." Not mad. [HardKnockTV]

Know who hates all this snow? 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' alum Dina Manzo. "I have to say I freakin HATE snow," she tweeted. "Does nothing but cause problems & put people I love in danger. It should only snow in the mountains." There has to be a way to make it stop smoking in non-mountainous regions, right scientists? Can we pollute the ocean more or something?!? [@DinaManzo]

However, 'Jersey Shore' star Snooki, surprisingly, loves a "snowparty" "Still up and enjoying this snow storm!! #snowpartyallnight," Snickers tweeted. "Ahhh the reindeer are getting burried Wahhh! Poor things." That girl loves to party. [@Sn00ki]