Fresh off their video for the Santigold-assisted 'Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win,' hip-hop trio the Beastie Boys are featured in a new clip, only this time instead of using action figures to represent them, their vocals have taken on a furry form.

Wonderful Creative has crafted a mashup of the group's 1994 hit 'Sure Shot,' released off their fourth studio album 'Ill Communication,' pairing the song with the lovably zany muppets of 'Sesame Street.'

In the video, Grover plays the opening flute on the track while Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster and Grover, once again, each take on the lines "You can't," "You won't" and "And you don't stop," respectively. Elmo plays a set of marching band drums while Ernie and Burt beat down on their own drum kits.

The Beastie Boys' eighth studio album, 'Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2,' featuring 'Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win' and the Nas-supported 'Too Many Rappers,' is currently in stores.

Watch Beastie Boys vs. 'Sesame Street'

Watch Beastie Boys' 'Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win'

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