The Beastie Boys' classic 1989 album, 'Paul's Boutique,' has been heralded as a landmark project for its brilliant use of samples and innovative production. Twenty-five years after its release, the Brooklyn trio's second LP is being celebrated in a new book featuring unearthed information about the classic album.

The new anthology, 'For Whom the Cowbell Tolls: 25 Years of Paul’s Boutique,' was written by esteemed author Dan LeRoy and journalist-researcher Peter Relic. The paperback is chock-full of exclusive information that, according to the authors, the Beastie Boys might not even know about themselves.

Among the discoveries in the book are stories about unearthed outtakes from 'Paul’s Boutique' recording sessions, including the album’s unheard lost single. There’s also information about Capitol Records’ decision to sign the Beastie Boys following their legal battle with Def Jam Recordings.

In addition, new interviews with those involved in the making of 'Paul’s Boutique' are featured, including an inside look at a one-of-a-kind notebook from the sessions. The writers also detail a track-by-track review of a rare Mike D mixtape and explain who the “trim coordinator” Dave Scilken is in relation to the Beastie Boys.

LeRoy knows a lot about the Beastie Boys. The acclaimed journalist wrote a book about 'Paul’s Boutique' for Bloomsbury/Continuum’s popular 33 & 1/3 series in 2006. Meanwhile, Relic did some extensive research on the classic album and discovered a slew of memorabilia and outtakes from the 'Paul Boutique' studio sessions.

'For Whom the Cowbell Tolls: 25 Years of Paul's Boutique,' will be available on July 25 via in paperback for $11 and on Kindle e-book for $5.

Much like the Beastie Boys' album 'Paul's Boutique,' this anthology is an indispensable item for your hip-hop library.