For Mike D, Beastie Boys records have traditionally worked like fine wine. They take awhile to create, but after proper aging, the group knows the material is strong enough to go public and capture our stereos for months. That's the direction things seem to be going for the trio's 'Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 1,' an album that was slated for release last September but delayed after MCA was stricken with throat cancer. Now, the Beasties are aiming for a September 2010 release date.

"We've been letting it age," Mike D told Rolling Stone when asked about the fate of the new record. "The writing is the growing of the grapes, and we've already macerated, and at this point, it's been living in a barrel and being stored in bottles in the cellar, and hopefully by September, we will uncork."

'Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 1' will be the Beastie Boys' eighth official studio effort. It already boasts confirmed features from both Nas and Santigold, and band members have hinted that fans can expect a similar psychedelic head trip that the group used on classics like 'Paul's Boutique' and 'Check Your Head.' This means tons of short songs with different genres and obscure samples being smashed together into an expansive whole.

"Hopefully it's gone from being a very good wine with a lot of promise to being a fully refined and fully developed wine for consumption," he continued. "The finest French Burgundies only get better in time, and only show their real selves and real complexity with a great deal of time, so we can only hope that time will tell [for Hot Sauce]."

Mike D also explained that the timeline remains dependent on MCA's health. As that's the top priority, dates could easily change if the gravelly-voiced MC needs more time to heal.