Mike D and his legendary outfit the Beastie Boys are gearing up for a return to the game later this year with 'Hot Sauce Committee: Pt. 2,' but in the meantime, he's picked up a side gig to get some extra credibility in the food scene. That's right, Mike D has become a legitimate wine critic for aficionado James Suckling's new website.

Given his own personal blog to run wild with reviews, Mike started out at New York's Momofuku Ssäm Bar to sample a half-bottle of 1er Cru Burgundy. "The red Burgundy was really good actually, especially when you don't expect much out of a restaurant half bottle," he writes. "I can't say the spicy cuisine did the wine any favors. But still, after properly cleansing the palate, this was surprisingly ready to rock -- ripe fruits, earthy notes, even a little bit of refined funk. Elegant and restrained with well-balanced tension. 93 points."

A little hip-hop injection into the food scene is always a good thing and we have to give Mr. Diamond extra points for finding the funk in a bottle of expensive wine. As for how he got so into the world of wine, Mike says it comes from the necessary patience while waiting for a Beastie Boys album to develop.

"We are putting the finishing touches on a new album," he writes. "Fortunately, we have been working closely with our esteemed colleague Mr. Zdar, so we have been sticking to his French work ethic of strong coffee and lengthy sit-down lunches."

Feel the Funk in the Beastie Boys' 'Intergalactic'
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