Valentine's Day is both a celebrated and cursed occasion, moreso the latter when a lover is scorned. Take Kelis for example. She may be rolling in child support dough, but that doesn't mean she's content with dinner for one. While Nas's ex and several of her industry peers prepare to spend the day solo, we're stepping in to shoot arrows just like Cupid. This is one shot to the heart they'll be thankful for.

Usher and Mashonda1. Usher and Mashonda

R&B songstress Mashonda and Grammy award-winning crooner Usher have more in common than one would think. Besides parenting responsibilities, the two have had to withstand their relationships being publicly dissected more than a frog in a science class. Since Swizz Beatz kicked Mashonda to the curb to hit the piano with Alicia Keys, Usher is as good a choice as any to play the rebound guy. He's single and ready to mingle upon filing for divorce from Tameka Foster last year. Plus, as revealed in his song, 'Little Freak,' he likes women with a risqué side. No problem there; Mashonda fits the bill, considering the single off her forthcoming EP is titled 'No Panties.' Look out, girl, Daddy's home.

A Harajuku Barbie needs a Ken with equal parts charisma and waywardness. Yes, Chris Brown has a troubled past, but his irresistible charm could easily sweep Nicki Minaj off her feet. Everyone deserves a second chance to come out of the "certified douche" category, and wining and dining the Queens rapper is CB's opportunity to redeem himself. The 20-year-old pop singer has yet to swoon over a gritty female like Nicki, who we think could teach him some things about the opposite sex. Lesson one: girls don't like boys who pine over their exes. "Give him some Kleenex/ Match his lil V-necks," Nicki raps on Mariah Carey's 'Up Out My Face.' Her words are callous, but C. Breezy needs to be whipped into shape. As for Minaj, she's cuter than Remy Ma, don't you think?

Matt Kemp, who? The tabloids caught Bajan beauty Rihanna canoodling with the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball player on a boat earlier this year. Little has been seen of the two lately, which leads us to believe this was a fling easily forgotten. So who's the replacement? Enter Kid Cudi, the emotive rapper with a penchant for being a loner. Since the two are seemingly single, Cudder may just be the 'Rude Boy' RiRi's been looking for. Take, for instance, his debacle at a concert in Vancouver, Canada several months ago. The Ohio native threw 'bows after a fan tossed a wallet at him during a show. While the 'Man on the Moon' is known more for inner anguish rather than unruly behavior, his bad boy bit would be suitable for the 'Rated R' singer. She is a good girl gone bad after all.

Once rumors erupted that Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri called it quits, there was just one thing on every man's mind: How could he let that go? As usual, no word was given as to why they ended their seven-year relationship. But who really cares anyway? All that matters is she's on to the next one. Our pick for Janet's date: rapper Drake. He's quite the young buck at 23-years-old, but a man who raps about his mama and even parades her around as his date at the Grammy Awards surely has respect for older women. Collectively, Janet and the Canadian cutie are sure to win "Most Enchanting Couple" based off looks alone, yet it's their musical union that would make them as coveted as Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Cheers to a remix of 'The Pleasure Principle,' in more ways than one.

Kelis and the Game5. Kelis and Game

Poor, Game. The Compton rapper has to deal with wacky fame seekers like Tila Tequila -- who claims he's the father of her unborn child -- rather than focus on finding a lovebird to spoil with chocolates and roses this Valentine's Day. Fear not, Mr. MVP. The job of finding Miss Right has been accomplished. It's apparent multifaceted singer Kelis has got the love jones for emcees with high-profile careers and an abundance of tattoos. In other words, she's all too familiar with a man like Game since she married Queensbridge lyricist Nas. Looks like there will be nary a dry conversation during their night out. But if a stab of awkward silence hits the air, they can always move the discussion to two things: child support stories and milkshakes.

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