Atlanta rapper B.o.B. has some big things in the works for 2013.

Although he just released his sophomore album Strange Clouds, in 2013 the versatile MC plans to branch out with a rock EP, hopefully featuring some surprising collaborators.

"Man, 2013, I would expect an album from B.o.B and a Rock EP as well," he said in a recent interview. "My Rock EP is like ... I take pride in my work and I'm not going to do something just to say that I can do it if I ain't really passionate about doing it. I'm very passionate about my music. Sometimes I take it too seriously. But this rock EP, I've been working on it for a long time actually. Because that type of music, you gotta let it marinate for a minute. You can't just deep-fry that."

Having collaborated with several rock artists in the past, the T.I.-affiliated rapper already has a wish list of the rock artists he'd like to work with.

"I can tell you who I'd like to work with as far as rock legends. Definitely Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters. Of course Linkin Park. Actually, I already worked with Travis Barker on a couple of things. Gotta let the drummer get some. Possibly Paramore, Hayley Williams. We collaborated before [on 'Airplanes'], but I want to collaborate on the Rock side."

As yet there is no word as to when B.o.B.'s rock album will see release, but it sounds pretty serious.

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