After more than a year, Azealia Banks has finally released some new music.

The fiery rhymer, who seems to be in the news more often for stirring up controversy than for her music, makes it sometimes difficult to look past her public persona. But every so often she drops a track like "Chi Chi" (to appear on the upcoming Business and Pleasure) that you have to love, even if you love to hate her.

Azealia flows consistently over space age synths and an edgy beat for an effortlessly cool sound. The subject matter skips around decadence and Banks' usual simultaneous aggression toward and dismissal of her many haters.

"Hear my Lexus purr, I just crept to jers/Got genuine leather interi and my texture fur/Icy bezel, I'm freezy and my necklace splurge," she raps at one point. Also adding, "Slip the clip in and pop it, they tried to G me on the quota/I could picture ya noggin' rockin', you peasy on the corner."

However, when the third verse comes around, Banks sharpens her tongue to cut into one unnamed victim.

"You a hi-top with a cut on your fade/Harlem shake in the middle with a fuckin' parade/Told you to put some respect on my name/And stop talkin' that shit, put that check on my name/Won't say no names 'cause I won't give you fames."

Any guesses on who Miss Banks might be addressing?

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