Azealia Banks has never been one to bite her tongue (isn't that a polite way to put it?) and the Harlem-bred emcee offered an opinion on Rihanna's newly-released "Work" video. The vid was a big hit on social media when it debuted yesterday (February 23) but the spunky spitter from Uptown wasn't all that impressed.

"Work video reminds me of baby boy video with Sean Paul except not as fly," she observed dismissively in a tweet that has since been deleted.

After the unfavorable Beyonce comparison, Banks went on to complain about what she views as mediocrity in popular music.

"Music is honestly so f-----g trash and boring. Let's start a f-----g beef and make s--- interesting," she tweeted. "All these f------g pill popping divas doing the LEAST and the s--- is boring. Get these hoes a coffee and a pair of boxing gloves."

"Bring out the real artists!"

It's unclear exactly how beefing makes one a "real artist," but if popping off at other artists makes your art more interesting, Banks is clearly the Da Vinci of s--- starting. And she loves her notoriety.

"Yaaaaaas I'm a messy bitch who lives for dramaaaa, a liar, a scammaaaar," she tweeted, scoffing at Rih-Rih fans who came for her after her critique of the video and commentary on the current state of music.

Check out Azealia Banks' tweets below: