Azealia Banks has made her fair share of headlines for antics outside of the studio, but the Harlem native's focus is firmly back on the music. Still reeling off her new-found independence after gaining freedom from her contract with Universal Music Group, Azealia debuts a new video for her latest single, 'Heavy Metal and Reflective.'

Directed by Rob Soucy and Nick Ace, the clip sees the '212' rapper playing damsel in distress as she gets kidnapped and tied to a chair out in the desert. However, as "the best bitch in the rap game," it isn't long before Ms. Banks manages to wiggle out of the rope and hitch a ride with her gang of wheelie-popping dirt bikers.

There's also some pretty stunning slow-mo shots of Azealia in a fiery outfit handling a pair of vicious pit bull terriers, just in case you thought she might have mellowed out now that she's settled her major label issues.

We wouldn't bet against Banks getting caught up in more beef, though, especially with her long-awaited debut album, 'Broke With Expensive Taste,' back on the cards.

Watch the video for 'Heavy Metal and Reflective' above, and purchase the single on iTunes.