It seems like Azealia Banks can’t stay out of beefs on social media. The Harlemite got into a verbal tussle with social media star/comedian Jess Hilarious over the weekend.

Technically, Jess started the beef with her “Jess With the Mess” news show on Instagram. The comedian poked fun at Banks’ concert tickets, which are selling for $16 on Groupon. That didn’t sit well with Banks who threw a couple of zingers at Jess.

“Stop doing the chitlin circuit,” Banks reportedly wrote back, according to Bossip. “Buckle down and write a real script. It will get you further than the chitlin circuit.”

Jess responded with several clap backs and a 15-second video slandering the "212" rapper to oblivion. “Bitch you another Hazel E mad delusional ass,” she reportedly said.

In response, Banks posted the trailer to her upcoming movie, Love Beats Rhymes. "I figure since you've been such a help in promoting my concert tickets you could also promote my silver screen debut!!!! Im a leading lady!!! Maybe one day you'll make it here too," she wrote.

Check out Jess Hilarious' vicious clap-back video below.

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