Last month, Azealia Banks shocked her fans when she revealed a blood-stained closet where she sacraficies chickens. “Real witches do real things,” she told her followers as she proceeded to use a sandblaster to scrape off the dried up blood on the wooden floors.

Recently, the singer when on social media to explains why she practices witchcraft, or in this case brujeria, for three years.

“I was doing the sacrifices to help my father (who is dead) out,” Banks wrote on Twitter. “You stans are so dumb and jealous. You all wish you were me.”

Meanwhile, is reporting that Banks may be flat broke and begging people to help pay her bills. Apparently, one her former friends, Dencia, reportedly revealed that she has had to pay bills for Banks, including psychiatric bills.

We cannot confirm if this story is true or not. But we hope that Banks just gets back to making music.

Azealia Banks Chickens Screenshot

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