There has been various news reports about Azealia Banks’ confrontation with Russell Crowe at his hotel party last weekend. But Banks has finally explained her side of what actually happened at the party with TMZ.

The 25-year-old rapper said that she showed up at the "bougie" party and reportedly the men at the shindig tried to put her in her place, which she said backfired on them. Banks claims as they were ragging on her she started ragging back at them, which Crowe apparently didn’t like and violently threw her out.

“When you ragged on them and the joke was maybe too real, then you’re getting choked and getting spit on and being called a n----,” she said.

Banks reiterated her claim that Crowe did hurl the N-word at her, choked her and spat on her while being tossed out the party. The “212” rapper also admitted that she did say the N-word at the party but feels that doesn’t justify Crowe allegedly assaulting her.

However, celebrities like comedian Jim Jefferies and the RZA himself reportedly have told the media that Crowe was justified in throwing Banks out of the party. They claim that the rapper was unruly and threatened other partygoers with bodily harm with a wine glass.

Banks denies that she was threatening anyone at the gathering. She told TMZ that guests at the party are only siding with Crowe because he’s a big Hollywood star.

As for the RZA siding with Crowe, Banks says he has no clout to stand up against the Oscar-winning actor.

“He doesn’t have much clout in a room full of real high-powered Hollywood white men,” she stated about the Wu-Tang Clan founder. Banks said that he didn’t help either and just stood there like “a chump."

Oh, and that record deal that she reportedly signed with the RZA - that's not happening.

“I’m not signing s--- with RZA,” she said. “If these guys can chump you out like that...that’s not somebody I need to attach myself with. I can’t be represented by some chump.”

Banks is mum about pressing battery charges against Crowe. She told TMZ to wait and see.

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