Ayesha Curry, wife of superstar Golden State Warriors guard and league MVP Steph Curry, had some choice words for DJ Ekin and Bossip. After Ekin retweeted a comment made by the gossip site, calling Ayesha "petty" for tossing Cleveland Cavalier t-shirts to court side seats, Ayesha responded by defending her actions.

“Yes, as I give the shirts to my family who live here in Cleveland…. You should write a relevant story. Ha,” she tweeted.

Of course, that wasn't the end of the discussion. Cheating rumors have been circulating about Steph and model, Roni Rose, after she made questionable gestures towards Steph during a game, and apparently had supposedly better seating than Ayesha at a recent game.

Armed with those rumors, Bossip's official site then tweeted, "The relevant story is, did you pull up on the strong jaw jawn like this? *@cthagod voice*."

But Ayesha didn't sip the lemonade, instead choosing to respond with, “What I think is you need to leave her alone. They’ve been supporting the dubs for a long time. Stop judging. It’s irrelevant."

Basically, shut the rumors down. She's not hearing them and neither should anyone else. Peep the exchange below.






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