JAY-Z once said, "Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don't." He had a point, considering the number of songs about both men and women lying are in the thousands. Whether proud to be cheating or trying to catch the cheater, the tunes have a way of conveying the wildest of emotions found within ourselves, especially when a significant other is caught with their pants down. As a true testament to those guilty of infidelity, The BoomBox has tallied the top tracks about the frowned upon act. From sympathetic odes describing the one finding a cheat to those supporting the creeping, they're the ideal soundtrack for any man or woman scorned.

20. "He's Mine," MoKenStef

MoKenStef opened this song with the line, "He might be doing you, but he's thinking about me," proving they had no qualms about their men cheating, just as long as he came home to mama. Perhaps one of the most fascinating sides to any cheating tale, 'He's Mine' goes after the mistress like she's a guest on 'The Jerry Springer Show.' The cheater obviously wins this round.

19. "All Her Love," Donell Jones

A lesser-known tale of infidelity -- but just as potent as the rest -- this song has Donell Jones putting himself in the position of the man scorned. He's with a woman who claims to give him all of her love, but only half of the time. The woman Mr. Jones loves has another man, and DJ is merely the side hustle. So what exactly is the male equivalent of a mistress? Is it a mister?

18. "Love The Way You Lie," Eminem Featuring Rihanna

It seems like Eminem bathes in depression, and the cause is usually a woman doing him wrong. In this recent example, Em is actually not trying to kill his cheating woman -- like he did on 'Kim.' This time, with the help of Rihanna, he admits he loves her, flaws and all. However, he does still manage to maintain a somewhat unhinged persona and that air of menace we've come to associate with his tunes.

17. "Bust Your Windows," Jazmine Sullivan

When a man has wronged you, a popular act of revenge is to take it out on his car. Slashing tires is usually the preferred method of conveying the message of "I'm mad at you," but Jaz Sullivan goes the extra mile and breaks every window in her man's automobile. That'll teach him, so next time he cheats, those window tints won't be there to hide the evidence. Atta girl, Jazmine!

16. "Hit 'Em Up," Tupac Shakur

Approaching the topic of cheating from a different side, 'Hit 'Em Up' sees Tupac attack Biggie from all angles -- his coup de grâce is telling the New York rapper that he got his wife, Faith Evans, in bed. Ouch. Tupac practically enters firing off about Faith. He held no punches, but was it true? The songstress admitted to cheating on Biggie in a book she'd written, but never says it was with the fallen West Coast MC.

15. "O.P.P.," Naughty by Nature

"I say the last P? Hmmm, stands for 'property.'" A classic rap cut from a classic N.J. bred hip-hop group, 'O.P.P.' epitomizes a cheater's anthem. With a video showcasing a man taking off his wedding band, the track details how two people come to decide that they will be having an affair. On top of all that, the Naughty boys crafted the contagious chant, "You down wit O.P.P.? Yeah you know me!"

14. "Friend of Mine," Kelly Price Featuring Ronald Isley, R. Kelly

Yikes, it's a worst nightmare come true: a woman's man is caught cheating with her best friend. That is the stuff that Lifetime Original Movies are made of, and Kelly Price made a whole song about it. Remember in the video when R. Kelly plays the lowdown dirty guy and Price's "godfather" Ronald Isley aka. Mr. Biggs handles his business? They just don't make videos like they used to.

13. "Marvin's Room," Drake

About 30 percent of Drake's career involves him trying to take some girl away from some guy. Remember in the 'Find Your Love' video, where Mavado catches Drizzy trying to steal his woman and then kills him in the end? At least that's what they'd like us to believe happened. In 'Marvin's Room,' the Young Money rapper tries to lure an old flame back to his campfire. "I'm just sayin' you could do better," is his sales pitch.

12. "Humpin' Around," Bobby Brown

There was a time in Bobby Brown's career when every single subject turned into a dance party. Found a tender roni? Let's dance! Trying to catch some ghosts with the Ghostbusters? Let's dance! This song was no exception as "Bobbayyy" thrusted his pelvis all over this track. Too bad it came back to bite him in the behind when he was actually caught "humpin' around." How's that for karma?

11. "Karma," Alicia Keys

Speaking of karma, Miss Leeshy Keys took infidelity to the universal law on her track 'Karma.' Instead of showing up with a baseball bat, Alicia had faith in a higher power that 360 degrees would return to her man. Leave it to Miss Keys, now known as Mrs. Beatz, to take revenge to the abstract. We're not going to get into how she took Swizz Beatz away from Mashonda, though, are we? Didn't think so.

10. "It Wasn't Me," Shaggy

One of the funnier songs about cheating, 'It Wasn't Me' makes the case that it was "some other dude" who was caught in the act and not the culprit himself -- him being Shaggy. It's an urban legend that an excuse like this has actually worked. However, if a whole song can exist about it, then someone somewhere said, "Oh it wasn't you? Thank goodness! I was gonna say!" Where there's ignorance is bliss.

9. "Me and My Crazy World," Lost Boyz

Mr. Cheeks has been through a lot with women in his music. First he loses 'Renee' due to some unnecessary violence, and then he can't decide which woman he's in love with. According to this song, he's in love with both and can't decide which one to pick. Our advice: pick the one who stays with you after hearing this song you wrote about her, Cheeks. That's how you know she's the one.

8. "Unfaithful," Rihanna

Rihanna is always killing someone in her songs -- not really. This one kicked off the murderous metaphors though, as RiRi cheats on her man and it kills him. Rihanna equates dying inside with actual dying on 'Unfaithful.' She doesn't want to be a murderer though, she says. Then a few albums later she does kill a man on 'Man Down,' but if the video rings true then he deserved it.

7. "In My Bed (Remix)" Dru Hill Featuring Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat

Dru Hill is another group that took great delight in starting dance parties during heartache. It usually happened on the remixes though, and this one is no exception. The fellas in Dru Hill find out that there's another man in their respective beds, so what do they do? They dance it out, of course! Is there some sort of scientific evidence that supports dancing during a breakup relieves heartache? Perhaps Sisqo can confirm this.

6. "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)," Blu Cantrell

Anyone who tried cheating on Blu Cantrell must be slightly touched in the head. A detective on the mic, Blu catches her man in the act and then maxes out his credit cards on purchases for her and her girls. Then she goes and sells all of his belongings. On top of all that, she messes up his credit by paying all of the bills late. That's an "oops" all right.

7. "Case of the Ex (Whatcha Gonna Do)," Mya

The video for this track looks like it took place in the same desert as Rihanna's 'Rehab' video -- only about a decade prior. Another sob story about an ex returning to take her man back, Mya tries to wrap her head around why it happened. Regardless of the reason, she comes up with the classic line, "And you told me that she turned trick when y'all broke up in '96."

4. "If Your Girl Only Knew," Aaliyah

Aaliyah had no problem whatsoever calling out a man who was caught doing wrong. On 'If Your Girl Only Knew,' the cheating hasn't happened yet. Rather, 'Liyah is talking directly to the man trying to woo her and telling him all about himself and what would happen if his girlfriend knew of his flagrant behavior. It's never confirmed if his tactics worked, but judging by Babygirl's smug retorts, they might have eventually.

3. "Creep," TLC

Some people may call this TLC jam the "silk pajamas song" because of its sexy video. T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli are feeling lonely due to a neglectful man, so their retaliation is to "creep" and "keep it on the down low." After all, "nobody is supposed to know." They take great pride in their creepin' ways, and put the fault on the man for not paying enough attention. Fair enough, ladies.

2. "Confessions Pt. II," Usher

Lo and behold, Usher goes and cheats on TLC's Chilli and 'fesses up to it in a song. Mr. Raymond had a whole lot of women angry with him for his wandering eye -- among other things -- but sooner than later he won their hearts back. On 'Confessions' -- and this sequel -- Ush goes and admits his wrongdoings. So did the truth really set him free? Well, the ladies don't love him any less do they?

1. "Say My Name," Destiny's Child

The first Destiny's Child song where we get to meet Michelle Williams, 'Say My Name' picks up on the cues of an unfaithful man and throws them all out there. From not "saying your name" on the phone to avoiding those three words in public, Beyonce and co. catch on early to the shady behavior. There's also the slight reference to a man calling a woman "baby" so he doesn't mess up her name. Pretty sneaky.

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