August Alsina made waves this year with his steamy tune, 'I 'Luv This S---.' The New Orleans crooner returns again with the re-release of 'Ghetto' -- this time enlisting Yo Gotti for a guest a verse.

On the new version, the Pyrex King surprisingly harmonizes on his verse as he raps about a woman with a "Bugatti" body who is in love with a dope boy.

"Let them know you a project shorty / Peace to the p----, there’s levels to this s--- / Them other hoes can’t buy that shorty / I’m from the ghetto / Doors on the left say hello / Ass in the pants like jello / Looking real good in them stilettos but still ghetto," he raps.

Meanwhile, Alsina’s croons affectionately for a woman who keeps it both metaphorically 'hood in the bedroom and in life.

"Girl, you don’t never flex / Long as I f--- you good, you ain’t worried about what’s next / That’s why I keep you here / You ain’t like them other h-'s / 'Cause you are the f---ing best, just in case you didn’t know," he sings.

The Knucklehead-produced track will appear on August Alsina's debut album for Def Jam, which is due out in 2014.