August Alsina is addressing all of his 2015 scandals, plus the new music to come from his This Thing Called Life album, in an interview with Power 105's 'The Breakfast Club.'

First up is the groping incident in September, in which the crooner is shown on video grabbing a fan's breast onstage. Alsina was called out on social media sites like Twitter for sexual assault. But he assures that he was oblivious to what happened and that it was not unwarranted by the fan.

"I had no idea I grabbed her titty. She had this sequins dress. I couldn’t really feel... when I watched it, I realized [what happened]. I jacked my arm back. But I talked to her. That’s what media do. They make you out to be a monster," he said. "She was actually more upset than I was. She said, 'I'm more upset for you. Do they know what you stand for?' She’s a real fan. Don’t try to corrupt my fans. Not only that. Do I look like a n---- who’s pressed to grab a titty?"

Alsina also discussed the claims that he's gay, which began with a relative starting the conversation. The singer think the whole idea is ludicrous.

"That [gay accusation] is so bogus and for the motherf---in' birds. This fame s--- really got my family going a whole different direction. Ain’t no coming back from that s---. F--- you, bitch. Die slow. And I mean that," he said to his estranged family member.

It seems that isn't the only issue he's having with his family though. "That’s a f---ed up reality. The people that are supposed to be here for you, watch you grow and be happy for you -- I don’t have that side in my life."

Since the interview on Thursday (Nov. 5), the crooner's mom posted a comment on video -- and in short, she didn't like what he had to say.

"So I listened to the interview. I was so sadden [sic] by the lies or the road August chose to promote the album," she wrote in the caption of the now deleted post. "It's always three sides to the story. How could you call and check on someone that stop talking to you since April?"

She continued that she didn't hear from him for Mother's Day, her birthday in July or even when she had a medical emergency a few months ago. “Passed out, rushed to the hospital in September, didn't hear from him."

But mom will always be mom and it seems she hopes he gets what he needs. "It's so sad that this boy is crying out for help, and his whole team is missing it," she wrote.

August Alsina's This Thing Called Life album arrives Dec. 11. The project will feature the guitar-laden ballad "Song Cry" and the Lil Wayne-assisted track "Why I Do It." He released a dramatic trailer for the effort, which finds him tossing and turning in bed while thoughts run rapidly through his head. The follow-up to 2014's Testimony will certainly detail the struggles he's faced over the last year.

Experience what goes on in the singer's mind below.

Watch August Alsina's This Thing Called Life Trailer

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