It's only Monday and August Alsina is already having a rough week. The singer is at the center of a heated discussion on social media after he fondled a woman's breasts during a recent performance in Baton Rogue, La.

The video, which surfaced on Sunday night (Sept. 28), shows the crooner serenading a female fan as he stands behind her with his hand on her neck. But as he continues hitting the high notes, his arm moves from her neck to her left breast where he gropes her until she moves her arms to cover herself. Now, many of those who watched the clip are suggesting that the R&B crooner took things too far.

"Awkward. She didn't want drama on the stage, but she clearly wasn't comfortable with him touching her breasts," said an Instagram user in the comments of the Baller Alert video above.

The "Hold You Down" singer became a Trending Topic on Twitter because of the many people discussing the incident.

"So this August Alsina incident? That's called sexual assault. There is no question that he took that way too far. You can see it clearly," a man tweeted. "Celebrity or not, August Alsina groping that girl is awkward and gross," tweeted another.

Others noted that the Def Jam signee isn't worth their time and never has been. "August Alsina been trash. Never liked dude. And that video adds to my dislike for him," a woman wrote.  "I wouldn't even be at a August Alsina concert in the first place. He's too corny," tweeted another.

R&B artists typically bring fans onstage during their performances, but after witnessing this moment, it's clear the young woman didn't expect to be fondled in such a way. The consensus on social media is that Alsina went too far. Check out what the Twitterverse is saying about his actions below.

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