We know rappers like to make it rain in the strip clubs, but Atlanta rapper Ralo is taking it to the next level - he's making it rain on homeless people.

Recently, the local rhymer was at a strip club with Gucci Mane and didn’t feel right with wasting his money with strippers. So instead, he went to various homeless shelters and showered people with thousands of cash. The altruistic gesture has sparked the rapper to launch the #RaloHomelessChallenge where he encourages other rappers to make it rain on the less fortunate.

“I feel like I prefer and I’d rather give my money to those in need because those people probably needed the money more than anything," Ralo told 11Alive.com.

However, some people have criticized Ralo's actions as demeaning. Some have suggested that Ralo should give the money to the people by hand instead of throwing it up in the air. Ralo believes that no matter how the money is being presented, he just wants to give as much as he can.

“If I was hungry, I wouldn’t care if people throwed it to me or handed it to me, as long as I got it,” he said. “No matter how much good you do they’re still gonna say something bad about you.”

What do you think of Ralo making it rain on homeless people? Tell us in the comments below.

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