In a series of Instagram posts, Ralo sounded off on Blac Youngsta for posting a picture of himself on Instagram imitating a crucified Jesus.

The caption for the image reads, "HAIL MARY COME WITH ME  R.I.P TUPAC #HEAVYCAMP." The image seems to be paying homage to 2Pac's Makaveli: The Don Kilumaniti album cover.

However, Ralo wasn't feeling it.

“I don’t give ah f--- what you or nobody else say this shit ain’t funny or cool. Ain’t s--- about this s--- funny," Ralo wrote. “We don’t play wit God wea I come from we God fearing people. DA f**k wrong with this clown as n----. An Jesus wasn’t ah fat f---!!! I can call you ah bitch over ah billion times right now for this picture f----Boi as n----."

Ralo didn't stop with the caption, he posted two videos calling out the Memphis rapper as well. In one video, he calls Blac Youngsta a "super b---- ass n----" and offers Youngsta's manager $10,000 for him to take the picture down.

Ralo suggests that his beef is not about the rapper himself but about the message that Youngsta's post is sending to the black community.

"You actually telling me that the black community that f---ed that yawl think that shit ok to do??? Nawl f---- you an that lame ass n---- to. Ima stand for what I believe in, I ain’t falling for that sucker s----. I’ll die for this shit n----- Allah the greatest. We ain’t wit that ole hoe as s---. Yawl n-----s dick riding that much huh… The only way we gone make ah difference is if we be different black men… Please don’t allow the money an fame lead you in that direction… #TEAMRALO.”

Check out Ralo's full rant below.


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