Collegiate rapper Asher Roth wasn't always always the fun-loving go-kart and beer pong enthusiast you see today. Back in the day, Roth explained to MTV, his crew repped the 5 elements much more hardcore. "We were called 'Suburban Threat,'" Roth revealed. His mother vouched for his crew's authenticity as well, joking "They were boys from the suburbs, not boys from the hood...and that could be threatening." [MTV]

Director Jim Jarmusch is a big fan of the Wu, several of whom he's included in his films. In a recent interview, Jarmusch described meeting Ol Dirty Bastard, who was introduced to him by the RZA, who scored 'Ghost Dog.' "One of the coolest times: He [RZA] came in with ODB, and we spent the whole day with ODB watching the placement of the music. That was amazing. I think they were on mushrooms or something, though-they were acting very peculiar. Every five minutes or so, ODB would jump up and go, 'Yo, yo! Stop the machine! Earth, Mars, Venus: Pick one!' And RZA would go, 'I got this. Earth.' And he'd go, 'OK, start it up again.' He was amazing." Mushrooms, huh. Sounds more like leak. [VillageVoice]

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