After dancing with Toni Braxton at a star-studded club in Las Vegas in May, rapper Asher Roth developed a crush on the R&B singer. And while some folk's simply fantasize about their crush with a doodle of their name, Asher has taken things next level. He's written a song and created a video titled 'Toni Braxton' to tell the world how he feels.

On the track Asher raps over a classic GZA beat revealing how he's gone from nerd to rap star to dancing up close and personal with Braxton. 'Toni Braxton' is part of Asher's 'Seared Foie Gras with Quince & Cranberry' mixtape, a prelude to his upcoming sophomore album titled 'The Spaghetti Tree.'

See the video for 'Toni Braxton' after the jump.