With his pending mixtape 'Ferg Forever' still in the works, it's apparent that A$AP Ferg is in a good creative zone. First he dropped the YG-assisted cut 'This Side,' now he's back with some pretty impressive wordplay on 'Perfume.'

Right off the bat, the Trap Lord brings us into his fast paced world of glamour, high fashion and Harlem street life on the track produced by Philo$ Cult.

"Trap Lord in my belly, free my n---- Relly, Elijah smoking that smelly / Menage is in the telly, blind bitch name Shelly / D--- under her belly, I met that bitch at a fashion show, she was rocking Margiela," he spits over hard percussions.

The single's artwork shows two images that resemble the letter "E" and "R," although it's hard to determine what the actual meaning is. However, Ferg said the image is special to him since his dad made it before he passed away.

"My father created this logo," he wrote. "When he died I vowed that I would take this logo and name to a new height."

The release of 'Ferg Forever' has been pushed back, and his tour, 'BestCoast Connection' with YG has been delayed until January 2015.

Listen To A$AP Ferg's 'Perfume'

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