The mystery surrounding Prince’s death continues to linger as investigators are still looking into his cause of death. However, Sinead O’Connor went on her Facebook page on Monday (May 2) and accused Arsenio Hall of supplying the late music icon with drugs over the years.

"Two words for the DEA investigating where prince got his drugs over the decades...Arsenio Hall (AKA Prince's and Eddie Murphy's b----)," the singer-songwriter wrote (via People). "Anyone imagining prince was not a long time hard drug user is living in cloud cuckoo land. Aresenio I've reported you to the Carver County Sherrif's (sic) office. Expect their call. They are aware you spiked me years ago at Eddie Murphy's house. You best get tidying your man cave."

For the record, the DEA is not involved in the ongoing investigation of Prince's death.

Arsenio Hall quickly denied O'Connor's claims and issued a statement through his publicist.

“The statement regarding Arsenio Hall is absolutely false, ridiculous and absurd,” said his rep Traci Harper.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Hall revealed that he did knew about Prince's hip problems and the pain he was suffering.

"I was aware of hip pain that he had," he said. "And I remember, you know, it’s interesting, Prince would have the cane, but I feel like the cane preceded the pain. I think the cane was kind of swaggy, before the pain kicked in."

"There was a point where he was having some pain, but I never talked about that kind of thing...I knew it," he continued. "But, you know, guys don’t [say], ‘Yo, how your hip, man?’ Guys don’t have those conversations. But I’m really gonna miss him, I’m playing his music every day."

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