Diplomats producer Araab Muzik is the latest member of the crew to call foul against Kanye West, claiming that 'Ye "jacked" his style during his recent MTV Video Music Awards performance.

In an interview on Thisis50.com, the 20-year-old Rhode Island beatmaker called out Kanye for performing with his Akai MPC sampler during the VMAs. According to Araab, "everybody knows" that playing the MPC live is his invention. "That n---- went and jacked my whole s---," Araab explained. "He started doing the s--- I do ... I'm disgusted. That n---- went on the VMAs doin' that. There was no need for him to do that ... he seen what I did, and felt like, you know ..."

The self-proclaimed "MVP of the MPC" claims Kanye discovered his style of tapping the MPC pads to trigger sampled notes and drums live after sharing a studio with Araab recently. While Araab appeared quite upset about the situation, he admitted in the interview that when he saw the popular rapper/producer after the fact, he didn't say anything. "I seen 'em. I didn't say nuthin' because we were in the same building performing," he said.

Perhaps unbeknownst to the young producer, countless singers, producers and DJ's have utilized samplers in their live shows over the years, from Erykah Badu to Zion I's Amp Live and indie producer Jel. We're guessing Kanye probably won't respond.

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