Thought-provoking rapper Angel Haze appeared on MTV’s Catfish on Wednesday night (March 11) to help shed light on insecurities some black women face.

An avid fan of the documentary-style series, Haze, alongside the show's producer and creator Nev Schulman, met with catfish victim Harold, an 18-year-old basketball star from Illinois. They confronted Tamila, who tricked him into thinking she was a light skin woman named Armani. When Tamila, who has a dark complexion, revealed she created the fictitious character as a lighter woman because she is insecure, the rhymer offered some touching words of wisdom.

“Unfortunately one of the harsh realities to come to is that as a young black woman, it feels like you only get praised if you are light,” Haze told Tamila. “You have to start accepting yourself.”

This isn’t the first time Haze and Schulman have teamed up. She also appeared on his brand-new MTV series Truce, offering advice to a Briyonza, a young black woman who feels rejected by her family for being bisexual. Schulman and Haze, who is also bisexual and a pillar in the young LGBT community, acted as mediators to help get Briyonza’s family to understand her plight.

Take a look at Haze's insightful words below.

Watch Angel Haze on MTV's Catfish

Watch Angel Haze on MTV's Truce

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