Female rappers Angel Haze and Azealia Banks have been throwing barbs at one another via Twitter all day, and now Haze has brought the brewing beef to audio.

The war of characters began after a Banks tweet about being a NY native offended Haze, and lead to Banks writing "WOW.... did angel haze just threaten to cut me because of a very general tweet i sent about non-new yorkers claiming NY?!"

The Michigan-born MC responded "bitch, i dragged you....youre struggling to reach like your edges are.... stopppp @AZEALIABANKS."

Hours later, Haze dropped "On the Edge," a personal diss that sounds like it may have been some time in the making.

"I was the first person to hear "Succubi," or whatever the fuck you called that weak ass diss to Jim Jones You know when you had bitches up in your hood trying to find dirt on you? Or the time you was in the studio with Missy Elliott and she was scared to be in the studio with you?" Haze exclaims.

"YOU WANT THE PUSSY SOOOO BADDDDDD @ANGELHAZE LOLOL..this diss track is not even hot!!! lmfaooooooooooo !!!!!!" Banks responded. "LOL... seriously... how long have you had these bars written tho?"

As yet there is no word as to how Banks will respond.

Listen to Angel Haze's "On the Edge"

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