Def Jam signee Amir Obé just dropped his new EP None of the Clocks Work, which is a seven song release that's bound to provoke feeling.

From the percussion heavy opener "Free," to the closing track "Enemies," the Detroit native proves he's a special talent, and based on the sound of the EP, he could be in store for some major success. At the same time, however, Obé recognizes that his music is a bit left of center, so he's okay with not being the biggest star in the world.

"I don't think I'll be the next anybody, especially with the new music were making, it's a little more experimental," he told XXL. "I just think we're going to have our own space in music ... [I want to] continue with the legacy I'm building right now. Leave a mark and possibly soon, have a label I can put other people on."

You can stream the singer's new EP below and also buy it on iTunes.

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