Over the course of a week, two separate grand juries issued decisions not to indictments police officers responsible for the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, respectively. The perceived lack of justice has ignited a wave of protests, riots and demands for change across the nation.

Even some of your favorite music stars have chimed in on the debate. Azealia Banks and Rihanna took to social media while Killer Mike penned an open letter and even appeared on CNN. Now Alicia Keys follows in the footsteps of her fellow entertainers and shares her emotions with the world on her new track, ‘We Gotta Pray.’

On the heartfelt piano ballad, which she released via a video featuring protestors holding signs addressing global issues, Alicia has faith things will get better.

“Pray for the love tonight / Another day, pray for another try / Smoke is in the sky, what the hell goin' on/ Bullets gonna fly, fly right from the gun/ Trying not to cry, barely holdin' on / What the hell goin' on?,” she sings.

After listening to the track, it's clear the cases involving Brown and Garner and the issues of police brutality and racism in America hit home for the Grammy Award-winning artist. No word yet if ‘We Gotta Pray’ will be featured on the songstress' forthcoming solo album.